Original Bosch Relay Search Tips

The question of the relay is indeed hard-hard-easy. It struck different brands of the same relay function. But for durable consumption and good performance not all relays the result the same.

Some tips from the website, as well as contributions from friends is always suggested to use the brand BOSCH relay.

In fact, if we just buy the most expensive Horn though, based on the experience of friends, the relay of the package that the Horn is still less good performance.

What are its effects if the relay less good performance?
For Horn, horn work less than optimal, sound less harsh, or not even the sound of the next and so on.
For a light, fast, less bright lights broken.
A quick relay damaged

Well, unfortunately is because the brand is often recommended as a good relay, the brand ended up in fake. More bad luck again as prospective buyers, hard to get the original Bosch relay, while the selling price is equal to the original relay. Duuuuh ... duh

Okay, rather than too many friends who become victims of false Bosch relay, I try to review ... How to choose and what different relay Bosch original with fake ones.
Make sure we find the bosch logo printed and tucked into the mess.
The original Bosch relay, the rough texture of the background looks at BOSCH above. While the fake looks smooth plain.
On a Production ID Stamp, visible difference writing techniques. The original, using the grafir engine similar to sandblasting. While false, use the machine press as used to print the number of the machine.
This is also important ... the quality of the electronic component materials are also different. The original terminal of the relay stronger/louder. While fake software easily bent.

It's a shame I haven't photographed the relay when loading, ... visible quality Contact Point even better than the original relay. This is what makes the original relay connection quality is better and more durable.

Well.. don't get fooled again yes ... may be useful.

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