The Brakes Jammed And The Handling Is

For those of you who want to get out of town with an old car on a religious holiday, we say goodbye and careful and cautious in the way we wish congratulations to destination.
Like our posts ago, indeed at times pivotal moment as the religious holiday of the old car you need maximum preparation so as not to disturb during your trip.

Such as religious holidays last year we prepare a honda accord year 1980 that smoothly get through safe journey into the city of Pemalang town of Purworejo PP without constraint at all.
Well the problem that we often encounter on the road at the time of return typically occur in the brake, the brake is usually jammed so smelly shoes smell very pungent, if the car will feel compelled to weight and temperature of the car's engine is likely to be, as a result can happen overheat.
Well, for one it does need to be an experienced repair shop personnel, but when the location of the brake jams us away from our workshop will provide little tips let car we can take it to the nearest repair shop.

The Cause Of The Brakes Jammed And The Way To Deal With It

1. Master the brakes jammed
The cause of the master brake (wheel cylinder) jammed the brake usually because we rarely clean and the water is coming in (submerged water) > Usually happens because retaining the ashes were damaged so that rubber dust brake entering mixed water then dry and cause like rust in the brake House. it usually occurs on the brakes tromol.
The fix: A wheel is jammed, turn the wheel back and forth for a little spin, on some kind of minibus car there is usually a gap of brake pad settings, and try to loosen the bolt settings so that the handling of his brakes is reduced. Please take it to the repair shop when it is up to the House.
2. Clogged brake Hose

Its spinning wheel drags but after checked the master is still normal. A clogged hose usually hose flexible hose that connects the copper with a master brake on the wheel.
How to resolve: we should be able to open the exhaust brake oil nepel, perhaps there are impurities that could brake out as if being stepped on. Haste to change with a new hose if it found a workshop.

3. Free brake pedal Distance too tightly
Usually due to wrong setting time in the workshop, rail is too high or the time replaced the brake lights switch chock when pedal released.
How to resolve: loosen the brake switch, immediately set the brake when you've found the workshop.

4. Piston the brakes rusted or stuck caliper pen
Usually occurs on the disc brakes, the piston as a result could not get back into the House of the piston when the brake pedal is lifted.

The function of this caliper is a pen holder so that the piston as the House can move forward backwards when braking is done. If this component until the jam is certainly what happened will be the same with the piston, the piston cannot be home back to its original position after heavy braking so that seems to be his position press and hold. Pen stuck to do the replacement.

Emergency handling: when this happens usually will smell brake shoes and the vehicle feels heavy, even out the pungent smoke. Soon the edge of your car and check with holds four alloy wheels (carefully touched it due to the possibility of its alloy wheels heat) if already meet the wheels bogged down, flush with water in order to slacken the brake shoes, after the cold usually handling on the brakes will slacken and we could go on. Repeat again in case of misfire again.
To more quickly can we bladed-bladed on the area around the brake piston so that his master slack and not pressing disc discs.

Here's how to check if a piston or pen caliper that experienced crashes:
The trick is pretty easy, just off the disc brakes shoes/brake pad and then plug it back in without the use of shoes, to test his piston please ask for the help of other friends to step on the brake pedal with smooth until the piston out. Next try push entry using a screwdriver, if you can't log in means a piston problem.

As for how to check whether the caliper pen stuck/bent, stay home just move the piston forward or backward, the piston if the House could not move freely means pen caliper problematic and should be replaced.

5. Shoes brake discs out of stock
This is highly related to the number 4 above; because it is often apparent friction disc brake (disc brake) auto brake shoes will be quickly exhausted. When this old left brake disc will be scratched and replaced recently because the surface of the disk brake dont aligns will reduce braking power brake or blong.

Handling: If this happened en route should drive slowly-slowly only and search workshops to immediately replace brake pad your brakes with new ones.

Hopefully a little emergency tips above could help launch a trip out of town. And don't forget to keep your old car is desirable especially check the brakes before doing his home town to avoid the brakes jammed as above. Thank you

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