Disassembly Steps Tips Shoes Car Brake Discs

How to change car front brake shoes-Disassembly or servicing car disc brakes necessary when we want to replace the brake shoes brake sound may be caused because the wear limit of the brake shoes were already in contact with the brake disc. Maybe when the car is braking because the surface of the brake shoes slick and shiny that causes the brake sound. Perhaps also because of a jammed into a pen of caliper brake sound cause so require steps to dismantle and replace car disc brakes shoes.

To disassemble the brake shoes car needed some equipment or tool:
1. The Jack to lift the front wheel
2. Lock the wheel
3. A wrench or a key Ring, shock 12 mm or 14 mm for open bolt caliper pen
4. Track to push Brake Piston
5. Grease or paste Caliper

The following steps or how to uninstall car to replace brake discs brake shoes:
1. Prepare the new brake shoes or brake pads and loosen all the wheel nuts to remove brake pad or     brake shoes.
2. The Jack the front of the car, behind the wheel who will open his brake shoes
3. Off all the wheel nuts with lock wheels, car use 4 or 5 wheel nuts
4. Open wheel, remove the wheel from the hub, so it would seem the picture disc brake as below.
5. Use 12 or 14 keys to open pen caliper bottom and open the handle hose oil brakes because  sometimes there are car type hard to open the caliper without open grip brake oil hose.
6. Pull the Caliper upward after bolt caliper pen open, like the picture below
7. Open the brake shoes with pull out towards the side and do not forget to check the condition of lubrication, pen caliper must be easily can be pulled or pushed. If pen caliper hardware while in drag was felt or in her lubrication possibility of thrust dry. Open pen caliper clean with a cloth and let the thin lubrication.

Note the position of the plate which is behind the brake shoes, brake shoes some use wear limit embedded on brake pads but there are also using the license plate in the rear brake shoes for wear limit indicators or indicators of the thickness of the brake shoes.
8. Once the brake shoes in the open, let me not forget to move the plate that is on the old brake shoes to the new brake shoes.
9. Push the piston back into the caliper, it is to adjust to the thickness of the brake shoes new, time pushes the piston do not forget to note the existing brake oil in the reservoir oil brake brake oil because will rise when the brake piston in thrust to the aft, aims so as not to spill so as not to damage the paint that is on the bottom of the reservoir oil brake piston Tool. To push brake must not wear track as shown below.
But it also could use the former brake shoes would be replaced to encourage or postpone the piston brakes with the help of the key wheels, like the picture below. Boost slowly in the direction of the arrow on the lock wheel, will make the piston backward, and if in a hard thrust would be useless because the brake piston will fight. 
10. attach the Brake pad's new stride, the opposite of when taking off at point No. 7 above, note if the brake pad using indicators so one with the brake shoes, put the brake shoes with this thickness indicator on the inside. If the brake shoes are not indicators indicator means the thickness of brake shoes is in the form of a plate in the rear brake shoes in pairs, could put an arbitrary either the outside or the inside.
11. The Lower caliper or caliper tide and last is installing bolt caliper pen.
12. Install the wheel and turn on the machine, do not jump start the car, then press the brake pedal a few times, until the brake pedal feels hard, which means that the brakes worked fine. This point is important because if a car directly on the run before the brake pedal feels hard, we will be surprised because the brakes will be empty like no pressure.

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