Create and Add the Ground Cable on the car (Ground Cable)

Ground cable aftermarket that cost can make You surprised.
With the increasing age of a car in addition to his performance is declining, it is certain the quality of cable cable car will decrease, as we know that Ground on the car (the mechanic said the mass) is vital, why is Vital because it is the negative points of the source of electricity, when the ground we troubled then electric conductivity of the accu, alternator etc will be disturbed.

In fact the new car from the ground cable available from the manufacturer but over time there is rust and others then touch the wires into the body field will be declining, this may affect the performance of the machine (especially the type of gasoline engine), affect the Eng, light bulbs etc. The problem when we buy cable Ground after market price is very expensive!!

Don't worry about Wiring Ground we can create your own kok from around the US, and additional materials whose price is not too expensive. Exchange we see around the home.

Tools and materials:
1. When you have a power cord that can be used at NYM, or if you have a Cable wire, the other can also be used.
2. Buy store Accu Clamping Fiting motorcycles buy to taste the fruits of 5-6 (according to the cable that will be created.
3. Prepare the Pliers and scissors or tools needed.

The area that is given the ground
1. We measure the area used to be a negative terminal to the Accu cars that will be assigned to ground, For Diesel Cars we can use a combination of 3-1 (3 cables to the body and one cable to the machine) while the Gasoline Car If we can use a combination of 2-2 (2 cables to the ground body and 2 k Abel Ground to the engine If petrol engine) Why Should 2, yes because petrol engines require the Ignation coil, spark plug such as and others. For the amount of Ground Cable it depends your taste you can add as many you want, no restrictions.
 Installation in negative Accu

2. After you measure the length from the negative to the Accu will be installed cable Ground you can start cutting wires and begin stringing him up. (try it you see on the picture tools and materials, in addition to the right of it is the cable that is already assembled with the tip, the tip is already given clamps clamp.) Are the images the clamps that box is Accu clamps have a motorbike, while the round was also universal accu clamping, which will be mounted on the machine body or ground area.

3. You can also use the Elbow was given such a hole in the picture tools and materials, angled material if it can be yes of copper/brass, when no can you use of stainless steel or iron can also be forced. The elbows to simplify and expand the clamps if you want to add an awful lot of ground cable, clamp the Body of the car. In the picture it looks there are 2 cables and one Ground Cable the Ground Mass of additional Relay Lights while there are still 2 empty holes which can be used again in the future when you need additional ground.

4. After all ready you just put it on a negative unit accu and put the ends of the clamp at the machine or to the body. (Such As Images) Easy Isn't It. For installation on a machine avoided installing the cable near a hot unit e.g. near exhaust and others.

Good Luck.

Hopefully Useful ...!!

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