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Create and Add the Ground Cable on the car (Ground Cable)

Ground cable aftermarket that cost can make You surprised. With the increasing age of a car in addition to his performance is declining, it is certain the quality of cable cable car will decrease, as we know that Ground on the car (the mechanic said the mass) is vital, why is Vital because it is the negative points of the source of electricity, when the ground we troubled then electric conductivity of the accu, alternator etc will be disturbed. In fact the new car from the ground cable available from the manufacturer but over time there is rust and others then touch the wires into the body field will be declining, this may affect the performance of the machine (especially the type of gasoline engine), affect the Eng, light bulbs etc. The problem when we buy cable Ground after market price is very expensive!! Don't worry about Wiring Ground we can create your own kok from around the US, and additional materials whose price is not too expensive. Exchange we see around t

Why Is There a Smell of Gasoline in the Car?

For classic and antique car owners may never experience the smell of gasoline in the car. And because it is experienced and is the favorite car of things like this we can handle on its own. Well how do you plan to keep the old car for collection or for daily mobility and experience the same thing like this? Here we will share tips a little bit why there is the smell of gasoline in the car. 1. The smell of gasoline because the former spills on car upholstery or interior. This is usually caused by a careless mechanical so often ignore the cleanliness in the work. This usually happens on minibus model cars with engines under the car and the interior still use cloth or velvet. A solution to address it should clean the interior with SOAP to clean. If necessary replace the interior with leather or skin until all the spills that occurred in a car could soon be cleared easily. Please refer to other interior cleaning tips here.     2. a very pungent smell of gasoline and eng

The Brakes Jammed And The Handling Is

For those of you who want to get out of town with an old car on a religious holiday, we say goodbye and careful and cautious in the way we wish congratulations to destination. Like our posts ago, indeed at times pivotal moment as the religious holiday of the old car you need maximum preparation so as not to disturb during your trip. Such as religious holidays last year we prepare a honda accord year 1980 that smoothly get through safe journey into the city of Pemalang town of Purworejo PP without constraint at all. Well the problem that we often encounter on the road at the time of return typically occur in the brake, the brake is usually jammed so smelly shoes smell very pungent, if the car will feel compelled to weight and temperature of the car's engine is likely to be, as a result can happen overheat. Well, for one it does need to be an experienced repair shop personnel, but when the location of the brake jams us away from our workshop will provide little tips l

How to troubleshoot a car next to a bald tire

Bald tires next to problems are often experienced by owners of old cars. The car belongs to new sometimes experience it when used on the streets is broken, because walking in the streets of damaged components can cause the legs of your car faster wear. Bald tires next to the problem on the car most often occur on the types of cars minibus or car- with passengers’ car lots and other public vehicles (such as taxi and minibus). This often happens because the daily usages of the incessant so shortens the wear and tear foot-his feet. The following factors affect the car next to a bald tire:  Age factor the car, getting older bald tire problems certainly occur more frequently.  - Car usage factors too often causing wear and tear on parts of the feet especially tie road and ball joint, such as a car, public transportation, taxis, etc. - The driver factor, often the driver of the car's steering wheel to steer in a State car stopped like at the time backward or turning d

Disassembly Steps Tips Shoes Car Brake Discs

How to change car front brake shoes-Disassembly or servicing car disc brakes necessary when we want to replace the brake shoes brake sound may be caused because the wear limit of the brake shoes were already in contact with the brake disc. Maybe when the car is braking because the surface of the brake shoes slick and shiny that causes the brake sound. Perhaps also because of a jammed into a pen of caliper brake sound cause so require steps to dismantle and replace car disc brakes shoes. To disassemble the brake shoes car needed some equipment or tool: 1. The Jack to lift the front wheel 2. Lock the wheel 3. A wrench or a key Ring, shock 12 mm or 14 mm for open bolt caliper pen 4. Track to push Brake Piston 5. Grease or paste Caliper The following steps or how to uninstall car to replace brake discs brake shoes: 1. Prepare the new brake shoes or brake pads and loosen all the wheel nuts to remove brake pad or     brake shoes. 2. The Jack the front of the car, b