How to change Drum Brakes Car

Drum Brakes is one way brakes the braking construction vehicles use drum brake, the brake shoes (brake shoe), and also a cylindrical wheel (wheel cylinder). In the vehicle, the drum brake has the distinction of the kind that is used both in the front wheel or rear. This certainly has a goal of keeping the brake system can function properly and optimally in accordance with a defined system. Not only serves to stop the rate of vehicle, drum brake also has a function as a parking brake or parking brake.

Drum brake has exceeded the limit of age wearing certainly can make a car braking system is compromised; this will certainly have an impact on your safety when driving a car. Make haste to do replacement brake Drums as soon as possible when a component is not able to perform well. Basically, the replacement of the brake Drum is not too difficult. But in the process, you need a variety of special tools and a little bit of attention to all the components. Replacement brake Drums that you do yourself at home can save you the cost of mechanical services.

For that, check out the reviews here about the right ways to do the replacement of the brake Drum:

-Use a mask of asbestos because the process of replacement of brakes Drum you do related to the brake dust or asbestos dust and harmful to health if inhaled. Do not use a regular mask, use a mask that has been specifically designed for filtering asbestos.
-The first stage of the work is to take off the wheel, you have to let go of the dop and Flex wheel nuts first. Chock the front wheels and use the Jack to raise and support the car.
-Next, you should spray the wheels with dop-penetrating oil (penetrating oil)
-To disconnect the edge of the Drum brake, Drum brake's rocking for easy annulment. To release the Drum you might also need to postpone setting brake with turning it so that it is quite difficult to remove drum. Remove the screws that are present on some drum brake.
-Next, you need to conduct the examination of the drum brake has been disconnected
-If drum brake has scratches, components of this one need to be repaired or replaced.
-Before dismantling components, it is important for you to photograph the location of all the components. Basically, the drum brake has some springs and levers with different color to set the brake and parking brake also.
-Use container to put the whole brake mechanism and spray the brake cleaner use. A container that you use to perform the process of spraying can help prevent dust from the brake mechanism of the fly. Don't forget to use a mask when performing the process on this one because most of the brake dust from asbestos is, and you certainly don't want to Snort it.

The next step, you need to do a comparison between the brake shoes new with the old. You must ensure that the new brake shoes had holes in the same place in accordance with the old brake shoes. But there are some vehicles do have two different brake shoes, either on the front or the back. Make sure the width of the brake shoes have the same size.

The moment you enter the disassembly step brake.

First, remove the spring behind the brake shoes.
- Next, release the parking brake lever.
- Release the retaining spring by holding the brake shoe retaining pin from the back.
- To release the brake shoes, spread out the component first and off of pin slinder wheels.
- Remove the brake shoe and to set simultaneously.
- After successful brake shoes removed, locate the old brake shoes on the floor right next to the new  brake shoes.
- In General, the brake shoes has the front and back are different. The front brake shoes can be characterized by a shorter layer bar.
- To loosen the tension in the spring to set, turn back the upper part of the brake shoes towards in slowly and carefully.
- To release the brake balance.
- After all components have been removed, do some checking and clean all components of the brakes so that you can use to go back and check the symptoms of damage or wear and tear that occurs so that you can perform replacement of components when necessary.
- Replace all the spring brakes with new ones.
- You need to brake off balance and clear, use oil or oil to lubricate the anti jam to set the brake.
- Start the installation of the spring with a link to the new brake shoes correspond to the initial position.
- You also need to check the brake wheel cylinder, do the replacement if there are signs of leaks against that component.
- This time the stage was the installation of new brake.
- You should clean the brake plates first and lubricate its not jammed right with a little oil on the anchorage point and the launch point.

Do the brake regulator mounting with the one side which is a left hand thread.
Install the regulator on the new brake shoes corresponds to its place, to tighten the springs spread out the top of the component.

Reinstall the brake shoes in place and insert the retaining pin through the hole.
- Install the brake shoe retaining spring back properly.
- Put the brake shoes wheel cylinders to pin.
- Reinstall the brake hand lever.
- A spring behind you will also need to plug it back in.
- Make sure that the brake is in the position of the fitting against drum brakes, for set it up you can use the brake Setup gauges.

Do a comparison between the new brake placements with photos that have been taken in the previous process. Make sure whether there is a difference in placement or not.

The last step is the preparation of returns all the components.

First you have to shift the new Drum brake or surface that is fixed at the top of the wheel bulge.

- If you have difficulty installing a brake Drum please use a screw lock.
- Do the brakes Setup through the brake Drum or brake Drum support plate until the brakes feels a bit stuck.
- Reinstall the tire properly and appropriately.
- Make sure the brake Drum brake Setup feels a bit stuck. Don't be too excessive when tightening the brake because it can be locked.
- Remove the buffer.
- Lower the Jack slowly.
- Do the mounting nuts back against along with dop wheels appropriately?

Do a test against a vehicle in the street to make sure that the brake has been working well.

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