Find Out the Problem of HID Lights

HID stands for High intensity discharge. Luminaires are lighter than conventional halogen lamps. To convert to HID, I need to buy two ballasts and Xenon light 2. In fact, the H4 is dual styrenic and engineering plastic halogen, so I need to pay more to get balls bi-xenon lights to the side. Wait for the orders to come, so I can continue with the installation.

Most people who have completed this mod that although the H7 (low-beam side) work well with HID lights, high rays do not reflect the side of the good. Light does not focus on the road ahead of us, so that additional light cannot be used. Bulb Xenon spreads light in a different way than halogen lamps, and case/reflector lamp patterns developed for halogen. There are two ways to solve this problem. Change the position and slope of the xenon lamp in the enclosure to find the best possible reflection, or install a projector (known as the retrofit). The second option is undoubtedly the right way, but it is expensive, time consuming and requires skill.

Headlights HID (High Intensity Discharge) or better known as Xenon lamp is a lamp that is able to produce a high intensity light with a brightness of the light color is determined by the units of degrees Kelvin (K). To turn on the HID lights needed some kind of tool to provide Ballast and lamp voltage control as well as to stabilize the flow of electricity.

This lamp is considered some people violate because the level of lighting as standard lamps on vehicles on other public, HID has the level of description that can dazzle the other riders because of its light post. Indeed there have been no rules that forbid not to use the HID lights. Therefore, some people may still use these lights so little share of the problems often occur on the HID lights?

Common problems often encountered users of HID lights namely often die on or off the total. The actual type of this lamp requires a DC voltage must be stable and therefore 3 the core part of the system should be checked HID lights namely HID Bulb, relay sets and ballasts.

HID bulb bulb HID physical try to check if there are any leaks by sliding the lamp switch to the mode ON, whether a sound is a spark of electricity.

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