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How to change Drum Brakes Car

Drum Brakes is one way brakes the braking construction vehicles use drum brake, the brake shoes (brake shoe), and also a cylindrical wheel (wheel cylinder). In the vehicle, the drum brake has the distinction of the kind that is used both in the front wheel or rear. This certainly has a goal of keeping the brake system can function properly and optimally in accordance with a defined system. Not only serves to stop the rate of vehicle, drum brake also has a function as a parking brake or parking brake. Drum brake has exceeded the limit of age wearing certainly can make a car braking system is compromised; this will certainly have an impact on your safety when driving a car. Make haste to do replacement brake Drums as soon as possible when a component is not able to perform well. Basically, the replacement of the brake Drum is not too difficult. But in the process, you need a variety of special tools and a little bit of attention to all the components. Replacement brake Drums th

The causes of the sound of a car Engine knock

Common causes of Car Engine knock is due to less engine power, the Car Engine knock events usually occur when a machine is being in the gas or are a clear example of acceleration can be should be is run vehicles with start-up using the teeth Gears 3 will certainly sound a typewriter tik…tik or tek…tek…tek   that hard from the machine even though it was a new car. Back to the title of the article's "causes and how to fix a car Engine knock at the Incline's" car as hard and climb, specifically writing this article I've done test the way what the hell that meant. After doing a test road is clearly visible when the accelerated rise in the not-too-sharp teeth with 2 direct engine sound tik…tik…tik…tik, in the heart of this might be reasonable because it was climbing and a load of passengers. But when passing through the road straight with a slight incline at a speed of 40 km/h gear 2 rpm of about 2000rpm, sounding more Car Engine knock sound but after

Find Out the Problem of HID Lights

HID stands for High intensity discharge. Luminaires are lighter than conventional halogen lamps. To convert to HID, I need to buy two ballasts and Xenon light 2. In fact, the H4 is dual styrenic and engineering plastic halogen, so I need to pay more to get balls bi-xenon lights to the side. Wait for the orders to come, so I can continue with the installation. Most people who have completed this mod that although the H7 (low-beam side) work well with HID lights, high rays do not reflect the side of the good. Light does not focus on the road ahead of us, so that additional light cannot be used. Bulb Xenon spreads light in a different way than halogen lamps, and case/reflector lamp patterns developed for halogen. There are two ways to solve this problem. Change the position and slope of the xenon lamp in the enclosure to find the best possible reflection, or install a projector (known as the retrofit). The second option is undoubtedly the right way, but it is expensive, time c