How to set the parking brake of the car [EASY]

Parking brake the parking brake on a car or is very important especially when we like parking or fitting coincidence car stopped in a tilted position, then the condition of the parking brake of the car less the existing and perhaps you're confusion how to replace drum brake shoes car and become very-very dangerous at the moment we're parking or being stopped on the slope, such as above the building or on the street incline.

Therefore Setup against the parking brake on a car or a hand brake or often called as hand brake car is absolutely required when parking brake the car already feels too high at a time when we're pulling the brake lever arms, and as for the car automatic when the brake pedal on the left foot condition already feels too deeply when we step on it.

On the parking brake lever there is usually out from a car which serves to lock the position of the brake, with the teeth on the brake lever it can relate to the number of clicks could be heard when we're pulling the brake hand lever.

As for the number of clicks that sound safe, usually between 6 to 9 sound click on when pulling the brake lever above. When nine clicks, then the parking brake will be noticeably higher as well as very prone with the brakes no brake pressure or conditions less While the existing parking lot.

For more details here is how to set the disc brakes of the car and an easy way to set the parking brake on the rear wheels through a car or how to tighten the parking brake lever on the car, either the brakes that use only the drum brake system or on the rear brake is already equipped discs.
Because setting the parking brake on a car also aims to find out the condition of the thickness of the brake shoes or brake shoe or often referred to also as the brake shoes, and for more details the following steps.

Preparation and equipment needed to Setup is:
Tool To Set the Parking Brake of the Car
The Jack to lift the car
Wheel lock key 21 or wear and for most vehicles serves to unlock the wheel nuts
Anti rust which served to ease at the time of take off drum brake.
Key 12 shock as well as the handlebars your ratchet or a combination of 12 key
Bolt 12 mm amounted to as much as 2 seeds
The Minus screwdriver to rotate the regulator brake shoes or brake shoe
To step the brake drum or Disassembly how to unlock brake drum rear wheel Setup before performing the brake shoes or shoe brake (brake shoe) on the car.

How to Open the Brake Drum Car:
The first Car parking right at the median position done for security and also add mountings wheel and pull the parking brake
Next loosen the rear wheel nuts to taste just before you pick up the car
Then Jack the car up to the wheel does not touch the ground again and don't need too high in close proximity to the ground.
Next can open wheel nuts you have ease off earlier.
If it is then go to the rear wheels.

How to Open or Disassemble the Car Rear Brake Drum
When the wheel is already open, go to the cabin to relieve or by lowering the parking brake
When the parking brake is already demoted, then rotate the drum brake, drum brake if they can shake in right and pulled out quite easily, then you skip the step of opening the drum brake.
Next spray right stainless liquid by passing a little slit that was in the wheel nuts and wheel hubs because usually rust would be between drum brake or a drum brake hub with the wheel.
Wait for 2 to 5 minutes so that the liquid can be stainless sink in between the crack of hub wheel with drum brake gap.
Then input the bolt 12 mm threaded holes size 12 mm, then turn the bolt clockwise 12 with 12 keys, you can use a lock with a key or a shock 12 combinations so that the drum brake can be enticed out.
Next remove the drum brake and open the back bolt 12 which is used to remove or pull the brake drum.

And the latter do not forget also to do the same procedure or how to adjust the parking brake the parking brake or car towards the rear wheels only, and do not forget also to position the Jack the car properly and also safe.

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