How to Replace Car Disc Brakes Shoes

Disc brakes the braking device is being widely used in modern vehicles. Conversely, if the brakes drums is identical to the earlier type component but still many modern vehicle that uses that component. Both the brake has a different way of working.

On disc brakes, disc brake caliper using a pincer driven by a piston to push the brake shoes (brake pads) to the disc brake power the scroll. Unlike on the brakes drum which works on the basis of the friction between the brake shoes with drum which rotates with the rotation of the wheels of the vehicle.

From both the brake shoes, the most important being part of ordinary Shoes brake. Will quickly wear out, therefore the brake maintenance more often done on the component. If you want to try to do, these tips change disc brakes shoes on the car:

-Buy shoes brake discs that match your car. Generally the more expensive the price of brake shoes then age wearing the longer.
-Before unpacking, make sure the car is in cold conditions.
-Remove the wheel rims tires, then will be seen view of the rotor and caliper. If it is difficult trying to kick wheel rims with slowly.
-Once removed, clean the mounting surface of the rotor (with pits) and the rear wheel with spray if possible.
-Check the condition of the brake shoes "out of stock or not" by looking at the hole in the middle of the caliper.
-Then release the bolt caliper (each car has a layout of the caliper bolts be different and different positions). Open the caliper (how to open it depends on the type of caliper car itself, are one piece, two piece or complex). There is some unnecessary caliper removed total while others need to be removed, therefore make sure you put the right and does not depend on the wire brake only.
-After it opened, then you can see the existence of the brake shoes stuck on the rotor, caliper piston there is visible while pressing shoes brake discs.

Every brake shoes are usually already have an indicator to show when the brake shoes are already thin. This indicator if touching the rotors will be marked with a little brake shoes goes running out and immediately replace it.

- Put the 2 brake shoes in place do not directly coupled, as it will not be. the piston in the caliper is already engorged because of earlier used the brake shoes.
-To return the piston is hard to do by hand, try using a tweezer clamps then press the piston up to the desired position.
-After the cylinder piston went back, tighten the caliper or plug it back into place. In the same way as before, then plug it back in the wheels.
-Before use do testing by running the car and try to brake, whether already existing standard and make sure there is no abnormality.

Before replacing or disc brakes drum shoes, make sure before you read the car's manual about disk brake you are using. Each car has a disk brake configuration be different, good luck.

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