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Trouble with Battery or Battery Wet

Sometimes, when ages wear short battery, which blame is the quality of the battery. Whereas it is often precisely because some trivial things that escape the attention. Here we describe some of the difficulties that are often encountered, The following causes and solutions to address them. Liquid Battery Decreases A Lot Causes: The height of the fluid level checking fails in a long time .A leak in the battery container Solution: Recharge battery fluid with water aquades, and don't forget to check it about once a week Do not attempt patched when leaks. Immediately replace your battery with a new one. Difficult Start in The Morning Causes: - The electrical load is too large - Electricity in batteries already weak - The starter system bottlenecks Solution: Turn off electric devices suspected of overload. For example, lights, air conditioning or audio devices. If the electricity in batteries is already weak, try powering the car with driven (transm