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Deceptive Lights: The Battery Light

Dash lights that mysteriously and randomly illuminate mean things. What they mean is almost never what you might assume and without a little bit of knowledge about what the intention of the engineer was that designed this light you may never be able to make a correct guess. The battery light is one of these deceptive lights. This is the light that when illuminated, looks like a little car battery with two terminals with a plus and minus sign on each side. We call this light the battery light because it looks like a battery, but if you look up the real name in the owners manual it’s probably referred to as something like the “Charging System Indicator Light” or some such thing. This light does not indicate that your battery is bad, nor does it really indicate anything related to battery condition or function. This light will illuminate when the vehicle’s charging system output drops below a predetermined voltage, usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 to 12 volts.