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Anyone Can Be A Parts Hanger

The term “parts hanger” is commonly used among automotive technicians to describe someone who has no idea how to diagnose a car, but has enough tools and knowledge to be dangerous and can certainly replace broken parts. The fact of the matter is that most of the people who make a living working on cars are parts hangers more than they are technicians. The automotive repair industry has no standards. This is a problem from top to bottom. Anyone can open a shop, anyone can sell service, and anyone can perform the service. It would seem that the only requirement is that you have your name on your shirt. Because the bosses don’t care about standards they hire parts hangers instead of technicians. What they need and perhaps what they want are technicians, but they may not have a choice but to hire are parts hangers. Would you go to a doctor that was not board certified to practice medicine? What if he said he had all the tools and lots of experience? What if he said he could save you lots o