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An Automatic Can Be a Stick

Back in the old days we used to have manual transmissions with a manual gear selector and a clutch pedal. We also had automatic transmissions that had a single selector used to shift the transmission to the mode of operation needed at any given time. Every car was either an automatic or a stick. Regular 4 speed automatic. Today it seems whatever manual transmissions are actually left, are not really any different from the old ones, but the automatic transmissions are very different. We don’t have the old PRND2L up on top of the steering column anymore. We now have all sorts of other things to choose from when operating the automatic transmission. As time goes by things always have to get more complicated. Most of these features in newer automatic transmissions center on being able to select the gear you want in some fancy new way. Despite the fact that all automatic transmissions actually let the driver select the gear they want, the newer automatics now make something special out of i