Best Car Commercials Ever

Why is it that anything that can make us laugh, is something that is worthwhile. No matter whether it has any truly redeeming value, if we get a good chuckle then it scores points. For some reason it seems that commercials on TV are not as funny as they used to be. Below I have selected a number a car commercials that are memorable because they are somehow funny or maybe just really cool. Some of these ads are fairly new and some of them are old but they are all something that will make the viewer remember them, and maybe even remember the car that is featured. Will it make you want to go and buy one of these cars? Probably not but that isn’t always the main focus when a company creates an advertisement. Quite often they just want to get their product noticed. I think that these ads do that.

Dodge Challenger and George Washington

How on earth can a commercial get more patriotic than this? A V8 powered muscle car and General George Washington. The fact that you can’t tell what the commercial is for, really draws you in and then all of the sudden it becomes abundantly clear. Chrysler has had nothing but terrible ads for that last few years but this is one to remember.

Swagger Wagon

This ad is great because it jokingly tries to makes something that is universally considered uncool, look cool. The only people who actually think that a minivan is cool are the moms and dads that actually own one. They usually don’t think it’s cool in the way that this ad tries to make it look cool, but I suppose that is why this commercial is funny. I might also think that this commercial is funny because I own a minivan and pack it with kids and stuff on a regular basis.

This commercial is one of a new kind that wasn’t actually made for TV; it was made for YouTube and the internet in general. Nothing will get your car noticed more quickly than making a funny or interesting ad that can go viral on the internet.


This is a commercial for Statoil gas stations which are found in Europe. A great commercial that doesn’t need any dialogue or music to make it funny.

Old Lady, Volkswagen Golf

When buying a used car veryone knows that the best deals are the clean, one owners. The car that was owned by a little old lady who only drove it to the grocery store on Monday,  the post office on Wednesday, and church on Sunday. This commercial shows you that you never really know what a car might have been through while the little old lady was behind the wheel.

Ford Mustang Chase

If you were a cop you would certainly have a good time driving fast chasing the bad guys, but it would be too bad that you would be stuck behind the wheel of a police cruiser and never get a chance to get behind the wheel of some cool sports car. Perhaps if the opportunity presented itself you might fins a way to race around in something fast and fun.

Ford Ka

This one comes with a strict warning! If you like cats don’t watch this. If you hate cats then you will laugh your head off (if you watch this add you will understand the pun). Either way you have to admit that this is a gutsy ad, but from what I have heard the ad didn’t get much air time and I suppose it’s pretty obvious why it didn’t. The Ford Ka is not sold in the U.S. so this ad was made for the European market only.

Chevy Sonic

The best car ad/music video ever made. This is another web ad but it was advertised during the last superbowl. They ran ads for the music video and the car at the same time telling viewers to check out the whole thing online.

The song in the music video is for the song Needin, Gettin by the group Okay Go. This band has a history of very creative and off the wall music videos and this one is no exception. Everything that you see in this video is real, and many days were spent just setting up and filming. Someehere on youtube there is a making of video where the guys in the band talk about what it took to make this video. The song has nothing to do with this particular car but the little four door hatch looks good doing what it’s doing in the video.

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