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Best Car Commercials Ever

Why is it that anything that can make us laugh, is something that is worthwhile. No matter whether it has any truly redeeming value, if we get a good chuckle then it scores points. For some reason it seems that commercials on TV are not as funny as they used to be. Below I have selected a number a car commercials that are memorable because they are somehow funny or maybe just really cool. Some of these ads are fairly new and some of them are old but they are all something that will make the viewer remember them, and maybe even remember the car that is featured. Will it make you want to go and buy one of these cars? Probably not but that isn’t always the main focus when a company creates an advertisement. Quite often they just want to get their product noticed. I think that these ads do that. Dodge Challenger and George Washington How on earth can a commercial get more patriotic than this? A V8 powered muscle car and General George Washington. The fact that you can’t tell what the comme