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Shed Some Light

Looking on the Bright Side You are driving your car down a lonely country road at 11:00 pm. The road is winding back and forth but you cruise along at a comfortable and steady 45 mph. You probably have the stereo on playing some personal selection from your iPod, or perhaps you are listening to some off the wall talk radio show about aliens from outer space. Either way your drive is no problem. Even when a deer jumps out in front of you, the animal is easy to spot, so you just slow down a little and the thing gets out of the way. The thing that makes this leisurely drive possible is the headlights of your car. These lights are usually taken for granted despite the fact that without them your car becomes completely useless literally half of the time. Imagine making the same drive with no headlights. How long would you be able to drive before your car is in the ditch? With these two simple electrical devices on the front of your car you can see just about everything that you need to in o

Gas Savers and Hot Air

Want to save some gas? There’s a sucker born every minute! When gas prices climb, the crazy people and swindlers come out of the word work. Since we are well on our way towards gas prices going above four dollars a gallon all across the country and not just on the coasts, consumers are grasping at straws. They are doing anything they can to try and save fuel including spending money on contraptions that come with big promises. Many cheats, thieves, and charlatans are pushing all sorts of products to try and tell you that you can save fuel by installing their revolutionary device. Most of these devices are either doing something to change airflow into the engine, or they are doing something to try and affect the combustion process, or they try to enhance the ignition source. The devices that change the airflow into the engine probably end up blocking the flow of air into the engine more than anything else. This will actually lead to a loss in power and possibly a decrease in fuel econom