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Terrible Car Commercials

With all of the money that auto executives spend on TV advertising, you would think that they would be very careful with what they are trying to say about their cars and how they say it. Sometimes things might look good in the boardroom but look terrible on the small screen. Here are a few bad commercials that I have come across on the internet. Some of them are old and some of them are new, but all of them are pretty bad. Many of the horrible ads that I have seen are bad because they are now so old, and the car they are advertising is now known to be so bad, that the commercials can only make you laugh. Some of the ads are just bad, and were always bad. Either way, if you can at least have something to laugh at, it’s worthwhile taking another look. Here is just a few for now there will be more, later. Datsun 280ZX Black Gold This advertisement is from 1980 which should be abundantly obvious to anyone who actually remembers that year. This ad really doesn’t need any explanatio

What Makes an Oil Burner

Diesels are on the rise, what makes them so special? The fuel used in diesel engines is often referred to as fuel oil. This is because it is a longer hydrocarbon chain than those used to formulate gasoline. If some diesel fuel is spilled on the garage floor it will still be there the next day and will not have evaporated like a puddle of gasoline would have. So the fuel is what makes a diesel different from a regular engine. While it is true that the fuel is different, other differences obviously exist that necessitate a different fuel. Diesels get better fuel economy than gasoline engines, and diesels usually go more miles than a gasoline engine before a rebuild is needed. Diesels make more noise then a gas engine, diesel powered cars are never as fast as gasoline powered cars (naturally aspirated), and diesels may have a tendency to produce nasty black smoke when they are not running right. Many of these things are generally known by anyone who has ever owned a diesel, and these thin

Stupid Car Accessories

One of the reasons that we love our cars so much is that we feel like they are an extension of who we are. We often become one with our vehicles so much so that we become that car and that car becomes us. Just like we dress ourselves each morning to make ourselves comfortable and to also perhaps make some kind of statement, we may also dress our cars with different things to make a statement. Sometimes people either don’t know better, or just have no taste when it comes to expressing themselves through automotive customization, or through personal dress for that matter. While this list does not include everything it does represent the large variation that exists in tastelessness. The one thing that all of these items certainly have in common is the fact that many people at some point have applied these custom bits to their cars and trucks while saying to themselves, “This is going to look cool!” They couldn’t be more wrong and if they had and true friends, these friends would let them