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The Best Cars Ever

Once again we face a topic that can be very controversial. Which cars are the best cars ever made? Like the topic of the worst cars ever made there are many opinions. My list will be made up of vehicles that have been sold during my lifetime, and as I think about the list in my mind I think that every car that I would put into this category is one that is still currently being built. The only one that I might put on the list of the best cars ever that is no longer in production, and was built decades before I was born would be anything by Duesenberg. They will not be on this list however, since they built cars back in the 20’s and early 30’s. My list is according to my opinion first and foremost. Some of the things that I consider in whether or not a car qualifies for my list are things such as overall quality and reliability. Vehicle performance compared to other vehicles in its market segment. Longevity on the market, vehicles that are terrible usually don’t stay around very long. Th

Cars 2, Mater, and Whitworth

When the movie Cars 2 hit theaters a few weeks ago I had to go and see it. Being a car guy, of course I had to go see a movie called Cars anything the first day it was in theaters. I also don’t mind saying that my kids were not with me. I did the same thing when the first Cars movie was released. No sense in taking the kids and run the risk of ruining my enjoyment. The movie itself was great and I enjoyed it very much as a movie goer but also as a car guy. Like the first Cars movie there was a great deal of jokes, gags, and visuals that only a car guy would fully understand but one plot point in Cars 2 was so specific that I’m sure that I was the only one in the theater that really understood it. As many of you know there used to be a rule when you were working on a car that said that if the car was American: Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Jeep, then you used standard tools on all of the nuts and bolts, and if the car was foreign: Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, then you used metric tools on all

What does it mean to buy American?

My mom used to drive a 1994 Isuzu Trooper. One day the transmission blew up. I suppose it didn’t happen all of the sudden, but rather the condition got gradually worse over the course of a few months. Eventually when it got to the point of being undrivable we decided it was time for an overhaul. After I pulled the transmission out it was interesting to see what it said on the transmission ID label. The transmission was actually made by General Motors and it turns out it was a 4L30-E. Not only did this Japanese car have a transmission made by an American car company but the transmission was made in a GM factory in France. You might say that this isn’t a really big deal because GM owns a large chunk of Isuzu however; the 4L30-E transmission was used in several BMW models as well. Welcome to the global economy. So what does it mean to buy American these days when it comes to purchasing a car? Nothing is made exclusively in any one country anymore so it’s impossible to only buy American, o