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The Worst Cars in the World

Volumes could be filled on this subject. Everyone probably has their own opinion as well. The likelihood of finding 50 different opinions on this subject by talking to 50 different people is very high. Occasionally I will write about a car that is part of my never ending list of the worst cars that were sold as new during my lifetime. These might not be the worst cars ever since they are only cars that have been sold in the last, I won’t say how many years, but anything that was made before I was born doesn’t count. Some of you will see something on my list that you owned at some point in the past and perhaps even liked. If you disagree with me, that’s too bad, you are wrong. Don’t worry, it’s not personal. You can find a website or two dedicated to each one of the bad cars on my list with people posting all sorts of nonsense about how great their car is. Just because a lot of people like something doesn’t mean that it’s good. I would even say that many people are fans of one car or an

AWD v. 4WD

If all the wheels are pushing, what’s the difference? When the SUV craze first began back in the mid 90’s, nearly every single new SUV offering, from every manufacturer, had four-wheel-drive (4WD). As customer preferences have evolved, which they can do very very quickly. That 4WD option that nearly everything was equipped with has changed to what might be more accurately called all-wheel-drive (AWD). AWD and 4WD seem like they are the same thing because vehicles that are equipped with either have the ability to allow all 4 wheels to propel the vehicle down the road. This is true, they are pretty much the same, but there are some fundamental differences that make them what they are, and in the end these differences make them very different. One thing that seems certain is that the term 4WD seems to be applied to things that are more truck like, and AWD seems to be applied to things that are more car like. This is one difference but let’s get into this a little deeper. Drivetrain Typica

Driving Ruminations, Chrysler 200

It's go time for the smallest of the Big Three, will Chrysler come through? Sales are up, and the corporation is now in good hands. This is what the people at Chrysler would have the general public believe. Perhaps this is true, but who are the people at Chrysler now anyway? We still see cars and trucks with the Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep names on the tailgate, trunk lid or grill, but who is it now that is building these cars. That’s a good question since the company has traded hands a few times in recent history, and now we ask the question: are the current chieftains of the Chrysler Corporation putting anything new out there that’s worthwhile? Back in 1998 Daimler Benz, the people that build Mercedes, essentially bought out Chrysler and joined the companies together as two separate companies that were tied together so that two equal companies could market automobiles all over the world appealing to a wider audience of potential buyers than what they could appeal to individually. D

The Fluids Time Forgot

Isn't Everything Some Kind of Oil? Most people know that oil should be changed regularly. Most people probably know that automatic transmission fluid should be changed regularly. They might even know that coolant should be changed at some point as well. What about some of the other fluids? If you are asking yourself right now, “There are other fluids?” then chances are you have neglected your car in some way or another. If you are wondering what other fluids your car has, and when they need to be replaced, check your owner’s manual. The owner’s manual is truly the be-all-end-all when it comes to what services your car requires. You can find out exactly what services the manufacturer recommends and at what mileage or time intervals they recommend them. A few things don’t get mentioned in the owner’s manual but it’s not a bad idea to have these things serviced as well, especially if your car has high mileage. Some other fluids your car might have are as follows: Manual Transmission O