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Pre-Owned, Used, and Just Plain Junk

Find A New Ride With Less Worry Everyone is afraid of something. Some people would rather die than give a public speech. Some people are afraid of the dark, or pain, or spiders. And some people are deathly afraid of buying a used car. Some people are so afraid of buying a used car they over extend themselves financially in order to purchase a new one. They tell themselves this is justified because with a new car they have a warranty in case something goes wrong. If they were to buy a used car they likely would not have a warranty to fall back on if repairs are needed. Nevermind the fact that paying for car repairs on a used car is almost always cheaper than making payments on a new car. Buying a used car does not need to be a frightening proposition and most people can pick out a decent car on their own if they will follow a few simple rules. People become forgetful when they go to buy a car. Part of the reason is buying a car can sometimes be very exciting, fun, or scary (as I said be

Performance Tuning

If you don’t like the way your car runs then tune it Most people have heard of tuning a car but most probably don’t know what that even means anymore. Most people, who think they know, probably don’t because the whole concept has changed so dramatically even in recent years. Tuning a car can be compared to tuning a musical instrument. If the goal is to make sweet music on all the right scales then the thing must be tuned according to the rules. Fundamentally, tuning a car means the same thing that it always did, but the means whereby a car is tuned today is completely different from what it used to be. Tuning a car is not really the same as performing what is commonly referred to as a tune-up. When you take your car to the shop for a tune-up they are usually going to perform a bit of routine maintenance to systems that generally relate to engine function. Things like spark plugs, distributor caps, and other such things get replaced as part of a tune-up. This is fundamental to engine tu

Hot Bags of Gas

Cars are getting safer, technology is the reason Despite the fact that many people die in automobile accidents every year, the modern auto is much safer now than it has ever been. In a study released by the U.S. Department of Transportation, 2010 saw the lowest death toll on U.S. highways since Harry Truman was in office. 2010 saw 1.09 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. This is the lowest this statistic has been since 1949 when the Department of Transportation first began to compile such data. This stat is especially significant if you consider that every year Americans travel more and more miles in more and more vehicles. The reasons for this good news are varied. People pay more attention to safety then they used to. Seat belt use is the norm. The parent who fails to buckle their kid into a car seat is viewed as neglectful, and kids are no longer the seat surfers that they once were. People think about things such as distracted driving, drunk driving, and drowsy driving m

Needles and Scales

Back in the old days the instrument cluster on the average vehicle was much easier to understand. The main reason for this is that cars were simpler. You might instead say that back in the old days cars weren't very smart. Today cars are both more complicated and much more intelligent. Gauges are no longer displaying a value based on a sending unit attached to the gauge. All gauges are now computer controlled and the computer receives the info that it commands the gauge to display from all sorts of different places. Not very many people really understand what all of the needles and scales refer to when they go sweeping back and forth. Some might have an idea but they don’t really understand all of the implications of each gauge. Most likely the speedometer and the fuel gauge require no explanation. There was a brief period when a few manufacturers got rid of all gauges except these two because they figured that nobody cared about the others. The thinking was that lights could be us